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Exporting Garments

Indian Made
Cotton fabrics/ Shirts. Fine quality of millmade cotton fabrics and custom made shirts as per the cleint designs and pattern.
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Imported Items

Denim Rivets
Find some exciting quality stuffs in imported collections. Book them as soon as possible because they are most wanted...
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Customary Items

Indian Made
If you are searching for the standard garment items that you have been using for years, then here there is mass collection.
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New arrivals

Jeans Buttons New
You can order for our new collections there are plenty of arrivals during the last few months check them out and...
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Corrine Marketing Services

Corinne Marketing Services, a trademark trader for buttons, zippers, buckles and metal plates. We have an immense collection of all those tailor accessories from sew-on-buttons to Jeans rivets. Our products are not just products but they are the emissaries that carry our eminence and exclusive merchandize strategy.

We wholesale our products mainly a wide range of garment accessory products including jeans buttons, snap buttons, jeans rivets, eyelets, metal plates, die-casting buttons, fashion buttons, handbag suspender clips, dress hooks, metal buckles, and fasteners.

We make,

We make all metal trims like all types of metal buttons, snaps, shank buttons, and all types of rivets, all types’ buckles, alloy buttons, tapes, Velcro, leather labels, zippers, and all. We have a manufacturing unit that has the avant-garde facilities and smart designers who create wonders in designs. There you can find both domestic as well as imported items in our trade section.

What’s there special for you?

If you are a garment exporter or a manufacturer and you want some trendy buttons or accessories that make your cloths looks fantastic; then the best choice is Corinne Marketing Services. Our making procedure starts from an illustration of your imagination; means we design the button that you wish to sew on to the cloths. As soon as we got your approval there begins the production of supposed design. And in a double-time we will be giving you the package of your product.

Production Setup / GEE EEM Industries.

We manufacture and develop all metal and plastic trims as per customer requirements.